Bulk Wine

We pass on the customs of our hills through gestures

The Tradition that is handed down

The local history that continues through winemaking techniques

Local customs are carried on not only in our vine cultivation and winemaking, but also in our bottling techniques.


We are very attached to the ancient method that gave rise to the traditional in-the-bottle Prosecco refermentation, also called ‘col fondo’ – with sediment- , which diffrentiates it from the modern Charmat.

Last century this wine was bottled by the families of farmers in ‘damigiane’ wine containers, placed in the cellar, and left there until the following summer. As the temperature rose, the coarsely filtered wine would come to life again thanks to the still present yeasts, creating lightly sparkling bottles with a slight veil. These damigiane are therefore still sold in the area to enthusiasts who bottle and keep wine in their cellars at home, as if they had made the Prosecco themselves, with often surprising results.


The ability to put yourself to the test every day

How is
bulk wine bottled?

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We deliver throughout Italy.

This method of bottling and selling wine in bulk is such a fundamental part of our production that we decided to offer it as a special service.


On specific trips from the north to southern Italy, we are able to deliver our damigiane to those have a passion for them, confident that it is a good thing to continue to pass on this tradition.


Would you like to know more? Get in touch to book your damigiana from the next harvest, it will be our pleasure to deliver it to you.

Prosecco becomes the sharing of knowledge